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Navigation Assistance at Kutubdia & Chattogram Anchorage

Pilotage Service from deeper sea anchorage to A anchorage ( Inward/ Outward Movement) at very active and densely populated anchorage.


24/7/365 Professional Service by Experienced Master Mariners. NO MORE COLLISION


Pilotage Service at Chittagong

CHITTAGONG PILOTAGE OFFERS MARINE PILOTAGE SERVICE AT VOLUNTARY AREA OF CHITTAGONG PORT ANCHORAGE.  Kitubdia and anchorage are our coverage area. Our experienced pilots can assist your vessel to safely navigate from Kutubdia to Anchorage and drop anchor at overcrowded Alpha anchorage. Chittagong Port Authority also recommend pilotage for the vessel having draft more than 9.5m due to geographical situation of Chittagong, congested/ overcrowded anchorage and strong current. At any circumstance, we keep our master mariners, with many years pilotage experience, ready to board the vessel in a very short notice. Whether it is from Owners or from Charterers, we always want to ensure the best service for repeated service opportunity based on our performance. Our testimonial page will self explain all about our professionalism.  

Message from Capt. Amir Hossain

We are pleased to offer our service 24-hour basis, 365 days of the year in all weather conditions and circumstances. The pool of pilots is always standby to assist your vessels for safe navigation at Kutubdia and Chattogram anchorage. We want to ensure the right Pilot, is on the right ship, at the right time. Professionalism and reputation are our business policy.  We also provide FREE of charge loss prevention suggestions to avoid unwanted incidents.

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Our Testimonials.

HOW WE CAN ASSIST!  Indeed, communication between vessels and land is easier today and more efficient because the local pilot is a native language speaker and aware of the anchorage locations and available limitations for maneuvering. We communicate to Port Control directly from the vessel and from shore even while assisting any vessel for safe navigation from Kutubdia or shifting within anchorage areas. We guide master if notified earlier, so that master can bring vessel at suitable location or pilot boarding station in time.  As regards our service, please note the following-

  • 24 hours per day, 365 days per year on an on-demand basis pilotage service are available. Just need vessel’s location and advance notice. 
  • Shipowners are requested to communicate us well in advance especially for monsoon season.
  • Service provided “First Come First Serve Basis”.
  • Email us at info@chittagongpilots.com minimum 24 hours earlier to update master as regards the safety measures required at Kutubdia, pilot boarding point and coordinate pilot boarding program in time.

Hire us to guide master while shifting from Kutubdia/ Chittagong Port Anchorage when shipowners/vessel’s officials have a safety concern in respect of navigation.


Ensure safe inward and outward movement with our pilot’s assistance who are well aware peculiarity of the  tidal stream of Kutubdia and Chittagong Port Outer Anchorage.

Factors to be considered to HIRE US for your vessel!

Our marine pilots are well aware of all the local effects that may endanger the safety of navigation and collaborates between vessel and port control dept, which indeed helpful for vessel, especially in the following circumstances-


Seasonal winds, Seas & Swell which increase the speed of current during high tide


Congested anchorage Area. Too many ships at the same time. Comparatively small Anchorage area in respect to the draft.


Strong current occasionally 6/7 kts. Depth of water at anchorage 12 mtrs or Less.


Navigation of vessel in the Viscinity of the Wrecks is strictly prohibited and all mariners are advised to avoid the listed positions while maneuvering and anchoring in order to avoid unwanted incident


Less UKC of the vessel in respect to Length of Vessel Poor holding Ground at anchorage area due to Soft mud.


Approaching channel is constrained by depth

Our Services

1. Pilotage from Kutubdia deeper sea anchorage to Chittagong Outer anchorage (Bay Pilotage) and outward.
2. Beaching: Ship beaching and approaches to scrap yard.
3. Pilotage during Ship to ship Transfer (Side banking, making fast and cast off to/from mother vessel).

Serving at Voluntary Area

Kutubdia to Anchorage

Chittagong Port Authority

Check our testimonials prior placing order

Pilotage services are provided 24 hours a day every day, throughout the year for all vessels requesting pilotage. The confirmed order should be given 2 days earlier before vessel’s arrival at Kutubdia and it should be by email at info@chittagongpilots.com 


Hire us for your vessel’s NAVIGATION Assistance in Inward/ Outward Movement from Kutubdia/ Chittagong Port Anchorage. Ensure vessel’s safety when owners/vessel’s officials are worried with the statistics of collision and grounding incidents at Chittagong. Down laod Tide Table -2019

Get Pilot Booked today!

Be safe at very active and densely populated anchorage

Get Pilot Booked today!

Be safe at very active and densely populated anchorage

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Email Now :


Why our service

Be safe at very active and densely populated anchorage.

24/365 service at all weather conditions& circumstances. 

Uncompromised quality service for ocean-going vessels in the PRIVATE SECTOR, managed by mariners at Non-compulsory pilotage area. We do assist master, navigate vessel and help to avoid the collision.

FREE Consultation

We are open to provide loss prevention suggestions to avoid any unwanted incident at Kutubdia or anchorage. Just send us your email at info@chittagongpilots.com. 


Chittagong anchorage is safe for navigation.  Vessels require extra care while navigating here. Never misunderestimate the current to avoid any collision. We are here to assist you for navigation assistance to your vessel’s master. Chittagong Pilotage Service scope includes pilotage for Inward/ Outward movement at Kutubdia/Anchorage only. Shipowners and Charterers may require pilotage assistance for safe navigation on following grounds

– The incorrect use of anchoring space and underestimating local conditions such as wind, tides and currents may cuase collisions or grounding.

– Strong spring/flood/monsoon tides and silted shallows often cause anchors to drag

-Very active and densely populated anchorage mostly overcrowded with mother vessels.

-Frequent deterioration of weather conditions with little or no advance warning.

Port Limit

A. To the Sea :
(a) The entrance to the river with Patenga Beacon as centre if an arc is drawn seaward with a radius of 7 nautical miles till intersects the Coastline in Position Lat : 22° 20.4′ N Long : 091° 45.4′ E in the North and Lat : 22°7′ N Long : 091°50.5′E in the South, the area enclosed within the extremities of the arc;
(b) in addition to sub-clause (a), the extended seaward limit of the Port shall be as follows :
(i) North Sector: An area enclosed by joining the co-ordinates Lat: 22° 40.30′ N Long 091° 33.00′ E at Domkhali, Sitakunda, Lat: 22° 38.50′ N Long: 091° 30.00′ E at 2.90 NM seaward west of Domkhali, Sitakunda, Lat: 22° 30.00′ N Long: 091° 37.00′ E at 4.5 NM seaward west of Kumira, Lat: 22°19.30′ N Long: 091° 40.00′ E at 5.3NM seaward west of Kattoli and Lat: 22° 19.30′ N Long : 091° 43.10′ E at 2.0 NM seaward west of Kattoli intersecting 7 nautical miles radius arc from Patenga beacon at North;
(ii) South Sector: An area enclosed by joining the co-ordinates Lat: 21° 30.00′ N Long 091° 52.00′ E at Sonadia Island, Lat: 21° 30.00′ N Long: 091° 40.00′ E at 9.5 NM seaward west of Sonadia Island…Read More

Free Consultation : CSR 

Avoid anchor dragging or collision: Precautionary measures

Free Consultation for safe navigation during Monsoon

The weather in Bangladesh is largely governed by the monsoon. The prevailing wind directions are from south to south east during the month of April through September. After taking easterly direction for a while, The wind turns to the northerly and north easterly directions, The latter prevail from November to January. During the month of February and March, winds turn via westerly direction back to the transition periods between monsoon and season in May, October and November, extreme of inclement weather like cyclones often occur with wind velocity in excess of 30 knots.

The waves are generally low showing distinct relation with the wind. The waves period vary between 3-4 seconds of waves of about 0.5 meters and about 6 seconds for waves of 2 meters. During the months May to October, freshets are expected.  Visit Bangladesh Weather Forecast for more information. 

Chittagong Pilotage Service is the concern of Panocean Limited, registered in Bangladesh at Joint Stock Company of Registerer and enlisted with Chittagong Port for shipping operation, with the corporate office at Chittagong.


1. Pilotage from Kutubdia deeper sea anchorage to Chittagong Outer anchorage (Bay Pilotage) and outward.
2. Beaching: Ship beaching and approaches to scrap yard.
3. Pilotage during Ship to ship Transfer (Side banking, making fast and cast off to/from mother vessel).


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