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Kutubdia and Chittagong port outer anchorage are the voluntary pilotage area.  However, Chittagong Port Authority recently served a notice mentioning the requirements of Pilotage at Kutubdia and Anchorage areas-


Pilotage/ Navigation Assistance Service is compulsory for incoming ships with draft more than 10 meters, highly recommended for a vessel of draft 9.5 to 10 meters and recommended for any other vessels bound for Chittagong outer anchorage “A”, “B”, & “C” from Kutubdia. However, ship’s masters having previous experience to call Chittagong port as Master may be allowed to obtain the exemption.

Agent of any vessel having draft more than 9.5 meters and bound for “A” anchorage will notify CPA at least three (03) days prior to proceed Chittagong outer anchorage. After receiving notification from agent, the anchorage position at “A” anchorage will be demarked. Such vessels need to take all measures including Pilot/Navigational Facilitator to stay on board until draft reduce to 9.5 meters/dragging tendency eliminated and while shifting from one to another anchorage. The agents have to report CPA about draft, last 24 hrs. cargo discharge etc. as the manner of berthing meeting/update such information in CPA Digital Berthing System.


Chittagong Port Recent Notice: To ensure the safety of vessels at Chittagong outer anchorage, the following to be complied with (w.e.f 01.12.2019):

  1. Anchorage berth position of Chittagong outer anchorage “A” (Alpha) is as per the list given below:


Anchorage Position LAT LONG Permissible draft (Maximum) Anchorage position LAT LONG Permissible draft (Maximum)
A1 22˚12.89’ 091˚46.25’ 10.13 A17 22˚16.47’ 091˚43.38’ 10.67
A2 22˚13.35’ 091˚45.7’ 10.04 A18 22˚16.79’ 091˚43.90’ 11.12
A3 22˚13.55’ 091˚46.2’ 10.58 A19 22˚17.10’ 091˚44.45’ 11.03
A4 22˚14.2’ 091˚44.7’ 10.67 A20 22˚16.68’ 091˚42.70’ 10.22
A5 22˚14.1’ 091˚45.76’ 11.30 A21 22˚16.38’ 091˚41.92’ 9.32
A6 22˚14.46’ 091˚45.12’ 11.50 A22 22˚18.30’ 091˚44.10’ 11.50
A7 22˚14.68’ 091˚44.2’ 10.67 A23 22˚17.76’ 091˚43.41’ 11.50
A8 22˚15.00’ 091˚44.50’ 11.50 A24 22˚17.42’ 091˚42.63’ 10.22
A9 22˚15.05’ 091˚45.46’ 12.50 A25 22˚16.90’ 091˚42.16’ 9.32
A10 22˚15.0’ 091˚43.60’ 10.58 A26 22˚18.50’ 091˚43.50’ 11.12
A11 22˚15.52’ 091˚44.75’ 11.30 A27 22˚17.09’ 091˚43.60’ 8.96
A12 22˚15.74’ 091˚43.45’ 10.67 A28 22˚17.84’ 091˚42.0’ 9.23
A13 22˚16.0’ 091˚44.0’ 11.50 A29 22˚18.29’ 091˚42.50’ 9.86
A14 22˚16.0’ 091˚45.10’ 11.50 A30 22˚18.79’ 091˚43.0’ 10.04
A15 22˚16.0’ 091˚42.70’ 10.67 A31 22˚19.30’ 091˚43.59’ 11.03
A16 22˚16.40 091˚44.50 11.50

Position A21, A23, A27, A28, A29 will not be allowed for anchor. Total allowable anchor position are (31-5=26) 26. CPA may reduce the number of anchor berth safety reason.

The maximum anticipated draft will be circulated 06 (Six) monthly for anchorage “A”.


Download  CPA Circular. 


Anchorage to Chittagong port inner harbour are the compulsory pilotage area where every vessel must use Pilot from Chittagong Port Authority. We are not able to render any service in this area.


Communication between vessels and land is easier today and more efficient because the local pilot is a native language speaker and aware of the anchorage locations and available limitations for maneuvering.



[email protected]

Need 48 hours notice for pilotage service. However, emergency service is available and within 6 hours, we can place our pilot at vessel at Kutubdia area.

The reason for the utilization of the pilotage services is to ensure the move­ments of the ships, like navigation, mooring, and sailing at the ports, to be accomplished safely and in the shortest time possible.

  • 24 hours per day, 365 days per year on an on-demand basis pilotage service are available.
  • Shipowners are requested to communicate us well in advance especially for monsoon season, as service is provided First Come First Serve Basis.
  • Email at [email protected] minimum 24 hours earlier to updating safety measures to master and coordinate pilot boarding program in time.


Safe inward and outward movement by pilots well aware peculiarity of the  tidal stream of Chittagong Port Outer Anchorage

Get Pilot Booked today!

Be safe at very active and densely populated anchorage

Get Pilot Booked today!

Be safe at very active and densely populated anchorage

Communication Email  :

[email protected]

Communication Email 

[email protected]

Hire us for your assisting your vessel’s NAVIGATION ( Inward/ Outward) from Kutubdia/ Chittagong Port Anchorage (Voluntary Pilotage Area) & Ensure vessel’s safety 

Avoid anchor dragging or collision: Follow Precautionary measures applicable for Chittagong Anchorage

Free Consultation for safe navigation during Monsoon

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Safe inward and outward movement by pilots well aware peculiarity of the coastal tidal stream of this Port.

Collision & Risk Factors

Most collisions resulted from maneuvering vessels failing to take account of the variability, not following prescribed directions, making errors in navigation and failing to judge effects of tidal currents and not calculating the tidal rise i,e strength of the tide and currents, leading to contact between anchored and embarking vessels.

Tidal Port : Chittagong

Geographical Location placed port of Chittagong a tidal port. Local Pilots are aware peculiarity of the coastal tidal stream of this Port, and tide tables for exact Location. Bridge team may always receive prudent advice from the professional pilot. 

Order for Pilotage Service

Pilotage services are provided 24 hours a day every day, throughout the year for all vessels requesting pilotage. The confirmed order should be given 2 days earlier before vessel’s arrival at Kutubdia and it should be by email. 

Chittagong Pilotage Service is the concern of Panocean Limited, registered in Bangladesh at Joint Stock Company of Registerer and enlisted with Chittagong Port for shipping operation, with the corporate office at Chittagong.


1. Pilotage from Kutubdia deeper sea anchorage to Chittagong Outer anchorage (Bay Pilotage) and outward.
2. Beaching: Ship beaching and approaches to scrap yard.
3. Pilotage during Ship to ship Transfer (Side banking, making fast and cast off to/from mother vessel).


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